10 Things I Always Do Before a Long Trip

1. Go to the Dentist.

Sure if you’re going to Thailand or Mexico you might wait and get cheaper dental treatment there, but when I’m going to North America where dentist visits are likely to be more expensive than back in NZ I get my checkup done at home before I leave. I have a good relationship with my dentist – she knows my teeth well and I trust her to do a good job.

2. Go to the podiatrist.

Since I do a lot of walking on trips, I want to make sure I don’t have any corns etc.

I don’t wear orthotics or have any special problems, I just like to go give my feet a tune up before I go. I usually throw away my old pair of sneakers and take a new pair on the trip, so they still have plenty of cushioning. I make sure I have some band-aides with me to prevent any initial blisters.
Also, feet can get dry and cracked from walking around in flip flops and sandals on dirty streets so I like to have a good moisturizer with me when I travel so I can treat mine in the evenings after a long day out walking.

3. Make sure my Mum knows where my Will is (and where I have assets).

It’s morbid but I make sure my Mum can locate my Will and that she knows where I have assets dotted about the place e.g., my Paypal account and various investment accounts.

4. Check my Driver’s License isn’t about to expire.

I’m assuming everyone checks their passport expiry but don’t forget to check the expiry on your Driver’s license.

5. Check my Credit Card and back up Credit Card expiry dates.

As above – to make sure these aren’t going to expire while away.

6. Cancel any automatic payments for services you won’t be using while you are away e.g power and phone.

7. Store your jewelry and precious things in a safe place. I only travel with a few pieces of jewelry that I wear every day. I’d be too scared to lose items if I took more. As we were renting out our house while overseas long term, I asked my mother to keep after my jewelry at her house.

8. Get a haircut and colour before I leave. When I travel I’m usually so busy that this would’nt get done otherwise. In countries where English is not the dominant language it would also be more difficult to communicate what I want.

9. Check any upcoming tax return/s are done and due payments made. Either that or I have to make sure I have online access to all the information that I need (or physically take it) do my tax return online when I’m travelling.

10. Spend time with my Momma.

I always spend more time with my Mum prior to going away. This trip I’m staying with her for a few days before I go because our tenant is moving in before we depart.

Photo Credit: The Stig under Creative Commons license

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