The Top Five Destinations to Perform Volunteer Work

Volunteer work can be a fun and rewarding experience. As there are so many communities which require outside aid, you will certainly have a number of different options. What do many consider to be the top five locations that are suited for active volunteering?


Although it has been a few years since a massive earthquake rattled this region, Haitians are only now beginning to get back on their feet. Basic necessities such as medical care and potable water are still lacking here. You will be able to make a very real difference if you choose Haiti as your destination.


The friendly individuals within this country still live quite a rural existence. However, many desire a higher education that may be lacking in their region. Many volunteers will travel here to aid in formal educational programmes. Besides having the ability to shape the minds of young ones, you can enjoy some of the most stunning scenery on the entire planet.


India is one of the most populous countries on the face of the earth. The communities here are facing numerous challenges. Sanitation, access to primary health care and an adequate education are but a few of the different volunteering options that you will have. You can choose to work in major cities such as Mumbai or for a more rural experience, it is always possible to seek work within an outlying village. The locals will certainly be impressed with your efforts. 


You may be surprised to learn that a country within Europe is in desperate need of help. While Romania has been slowly improving since the fall of communism, the truth of the matter is that much of the infrastructure here dates from the Soviet era. Thus, it is decades behind more modernised countries. Should you be interested in becoming involved within the construction sector, Romania is a great place to begin. Also, there are a growing number of individuals who are desperate to learn English and better their position in life. Teaching is another great idea.


While the economy here may be robust, this pristine country has been suffering from the effects of deforestation. Many volunteer projects in Ecuador will revolve around teaching the locals better land use policies as well as simply planting trees to help the ecosystems flourish. However, never forget to purchase an adequate travel insurance policy when visiting any foreign country. You will be financially protected in the event of an emergency and you can be provided with the peace of mind to truly focus on your work. 

Volunteering is one of the best ways to experience the world while simultaneously helping those who may not be as privileged as yourself. These five countries are excellent places to begin such an adventure. By performing more research and understanding where your unique skill sets will be valued, you can make the most educated choices possible to begin down this rewarding road. 

Image by Steffan Scherz under Creative Commons license.

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